Saturday, December 10, 2011

Neurological Disease is one of Health Problems

Diseases, metabolic disorders, and often even the same text can be caused by non-neurological symptoms due to congenital metabolic disease that primarily affects the nervous system, and a great challenge for correct diagnosis. Neurometabolic disease rather than a separate development delay / psychopathy, seizures, dystonia, ataxia or general signs and non-specific, begins. They, especially when the disease is organ or progressive neurological or should additional suspected of being involved in this. The main clue is the "simple" neuroanatomic not be explained by the presence of a variety of neurological symptoms.

For example, coma, ataxia, or especially at the end of the metabolic pathway - the start of the main features of inborn errors of neurological manifestations present with chronic or recurrent attacks of abnormal behavior. Many of these diseases, early diagnostic methods based on metabolic testing. During the attack of organic liquid collected in the main. If your project is the first treatment choice for the investigation, and is always considered to be impaired.

Metabolic investigations are usually separated during the middle childhood developmental delays in speech development delay was a child, such as fever, occasional seizures, or epilepsy syndrome, suggesting that there is no explicit. Outside the field of metabolism and other genetic roganidanavanne and particularly psychopathy, ataxia, dystonia, and spastic paraplegia, as a reason for that has been made.


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